Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Arrival in Phnom Penh Cambodia

The 11 hour flight from Vancouver to Seoul, Korea went very smoothly. The service, food and atmosphere was great. We had only one hour to make the connection and so we had our morning run built in and that woke us up.

After 27 hours of travelling, Mary and I arrived in Phnom Penh at 11PM Cambodian time. The car from the hospital that was suppose to pick us up was not at the airport and so we hired a taxi. We drove 13km through dark streets - a city environment- quite a bit of garbage on the streets - people on motor scooters but really not much traffic. We arrived at the address of the hotel we are staying at called Circa 51. We could not find an entrance to the hotel- just a large fence compound with a brown door and a door bell beside it. Mary rang the bell and the door opened and two Cambodian men came out and said that we had the right hotel. Inside the fenced area the hotel was all open to the sky - it was very "rustic" and smelled of burning cloves.The workers were very friendly and helpful. we got to our room and it is very clean- very plain with Cambodian fabrics on the walls. The hotel had not turned on the air conditioner or plugged in the fridge and so it was very hot.

All we can do is think of sleeping............but we are looking forward to  tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to hear your arrived safe. Remind me never to let you book a hotel for me!!!!